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I feel like older generations think traveling for vacation is a right?

well the last 48 hours were rough, but i am basically feeling better today. seriously, go get vaccinated.

racism, violence, murder

admin posting murder videos with racist commentary.

CW: gun violence/murder:

Well a cute puppy showed up and I was in puppy gear. And long story short. I came in him

Instance to block/suspend (grooming, zoophilia, pedophilia, check linked Twitter thread for receipts)

#fediblock on zetamu [dot] club for the reasons above. Also reports to the host and registrar might be a good idea, holy shit.

Fediblock on person engaging in zoo / child abuse 

#FediBlock zetamu [dot] club. Instance maintainer was suspended from Twitter for zoo / child abuse content and has created Mastodon instance to mitigate Twitter bans.

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