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Star Trek Academy needs to stop doing team bonding drills... for serious.

Sheesh, SSDs are getting expensive.

10-13-2021: $699

11-15-2021: $749

12-15-2021: $849

My cat is a grumpy old bitch. And I love her so much. 💙💙💙

Instead of asking "how long did it take you to grow that beard?" Just admit that you are bad at flirting and smalltalk

and i'm sorry, Karen, this doesn't make me angry at the homeless, it makes me angry at you, Karen, for blocking every homeless shelter we propose in the city.

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welp.... after 6 years of living in SOMA i finally stepped in shit


ssh -p 2225

Project of the year 😅

Discord calling its guilds "servers" is a really neat marketing trick and absolutely insidious because it screws with normal peoples' already bad understanding of what a "server" is, and erases the distinction between itself and decentralised services

:zipdisk:📀 💾 💿 💽

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