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NFTs are largely money laundering... that's it... That's all it is.

Embarrassing! Turns Out Workplace Dress Code "Yeah man, just whatever" Does Not Include Fursuits!

body gross 

i threw up so hard last night my throat is bleeding

So I lay here restless but unmoving. Praying for the sweet escape of sleep. Knowing its temporary and ill have to wake up and endure this again and again.

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Every fiber wants to scream but I can't even will myself to roll over.

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Slowly crawling to my brain to whisper all my insecurities to me before going back to my stomach to writhe and chew away at my insides

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I can feel hopelessness eating away at my intestines like worms.

I hate suffering for no reason. I should not feel this way. There is no resson

I feel sick and sad. I am sleeping all day. I just want it to end.

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Ever just like hold your close and profes to them how much you want to crush them into a tiny ball and eat them?

in a world where vampires sparkle and werewolves are sexy... only humans can really scare you

Looking forward to discount candy tomorrow

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