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thatkrazypup21 just went live on Twitch! Come hang with KrazyPup as he plays NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139...!

Nude furry art but censored 

"Hurry up light... They're staring at my minidisc!"

This is the only nude solo art I've gotten that I didn't have a censored version of, so decided to throw this together. Definitely not the best one I've done, but it'll work for now. Original pic is by Scuzzyfox@twitter, will post those in a reply since IDK if I ever posted them

billions of computing devices: what's

dns servers:

i know it's weird but like... watching a queen ant lovingly care and nurture their young makes you rethink insects just being little biological robots

I want to write some code... but i don't know what to make.

so, i'm in a little chat room with a bunch of minidisc nerds, we're going to do a secret santa and each create eachother a mix disc, and mail them to eachother. does my mix scream GAY enough? is there enough k-pop?

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