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racist content including emojis

someone over at is offering turnkey pleroma instances:

first domain i'm aware of is:

a la: who's admin is sporting nazi imagery.

I just rewatched the new Brave New World, i think it's pretty underrated.

Fedi block recommendation 

A few days ago I did a cleanup for remote accounts and came across this instance that’s now offline with the domain: β€˜n*gg*’

Just now I see this instance is back under a different domain but still advertising their NASTY business! I recommend blocking:


Let’s keep the fedi a nice place without this suckers yeah? :blobcathearts: :fediverse:


i don't need a lightbox.... i don't need a lightlbox...

health-, body fluids 

i threw up so hard last night i got a nose bleed, now every time i cough i get a nosebleed. this is fun.

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