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every time you buy a gun, you should have to be shot with it first, just so you know what it feels like...

One day I want to be famous enough for a Drag Queen to parody me.

I bought a printer and I want to talk about it.

I think my psychiatrist forgot about me 😬

Which are you?

It's funny Mr. Marbles thinks I had any other motive than boredom. Glad I'm in that head

PolyChain... a who's dated who ledger backed by a blockchain.

don't go to suspicious websites ya'll. :)

yup. that's definitely how someone who isn't homophobic would have handled that..

the mods for Marbles are.... not very smart...

including but not limited to, yelling at the director of engineering, crying at your boss over zoom for 15 minutes, Ativan.

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