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Domain Block

Incoherent nonce thought it was a good idea to jump into my mentions and white Knight for TERFs, complete with r-slur.


Tyr told me I should repost the new relay with the hashtage #mastoadmin! Feel free to follow my new relay at

For anyone who added my relay from earlier (, I just fixed some stuff on it. It wasn't accepting follows, so if your name isn't showing on the main page but you have the relay added, try removing and re-adding it. Then you should be ok! :)

Rejoining furry telegrams. Here we go..

*rubs mcdonalds shaped brick in tummy* awe yeah...

Got a relay up thanks to the awesome @tyr ! :D Feel free to add at

Is it weird that I can feel the sigh of relief through the screen when I commission an artist from FA and tell them it's not porn?

Choose Your Own Gender: Mage, Woman Mage, or Man Mage.

Hey admin's who have shut down an instance, did you issue a self-destruct?

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