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Hey LA friends - I have a production buddy that needs a 6k Lumen min projector, with an 8ft tall image at 60'. Anyone know somewhere he can buy one for a good price?


I'd complain about my ISP and why not to use them, but haha we all know that it's not like I could switch to a new provider

Looks like I don't get better internet 😭

So someone posted this on a PR for moving away from master/slave naming conventions and they don’t realize that yes, that can happen too. It’s not a β€œno, but” situation, it’s a β€œyes and” one.

TYT is live!
Chappelle RUINS Candace Owens; Trump vs. Juneteenth; Melania’s Prenup via

I think it's interesting that Mastodon has it's own .

"Most Connected Instance" = "I actively choose to federate with Fascists and Racists."

HTTP status emojis:

- 200 πŸ‘
- 201 πŸ†•
- 301 πŸ‘‰
- 400 πŸ‘Ž
- 401 πŸ”’
- 402 πŸ’°
- 403 🚫
- 404 πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
- 408 βŒ›οΈ
- 410 πŸ’¨
- 418 🍡
- 500 πŸ’©

(via francesc)

Why do people randomly throw in their mental health status into unrelated conversations?

is "no kink at pride" a 4chan psyop because this is the only reason I can think of that we're having to re-litigate concerns about what innocent bystanders will see at all the pride parades we're not having

Hello my name is Glenipher how may I help you?

i work hard moderating my relay. that kind of hurt D:

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