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i'm having a party with my roommates. Yay 2016 grand final and mimosas.

ugu. i've lost motivation to do anything

block recommendation:

Trolling right out of the gate

Fuuuuck I just realized would have been tomorrow 😭😭😭😭😭😭

By popular demand, here's a quick take on MongoDB 4.2.6's transaction system. There are CHARTS, there are GRAPHS, okay it's mostly CHARTS OF GRAPHS but they're really cool anomalies and I hope you enjoy them.

⚠️ An issue has been reported with the `tootctl upgrade storage-schema` command in relation to DigitalOcean Spaces. Avoid executing that for now if you're using Spaces.

Also, a warning has been added to the release notes: You don't need to run that command at all. It would incur data transfer costs to do so as it moves files around.

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in theory if i accidentally delete all my remote media, that's ok, i can get it back...

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OK. so i'm gunna do a thing and hopefully it doesn't ruin everything

feeling butthurt from work. don't wanna do anything today.

I am soft launching today. a Mastodon instance for Radical Faeries.

lots of new servers on the relay *excited wags*

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