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NSFW Streaming - ESO (and nude frontal) 

I just coughed on the train platform and people literally stepped away from me.

Trans folks, how does drag make you feel?

If you aren't trans, maybe give us a boost? :)

#poll #trans #gender #transgender

Out looking for any kind of connection. Grief is weird.

Don't ever wait to get help for a friend in need. Last night the police convinced me and another friend a second wellness check wasn't necessary. And today, right now, I have done something I've never done before nor want to: identified a friend's body for the Medical examiner. No I'm not saying who. All I'm saying is don't you let anyone tell you that you shouldn't take care of and check up on your friends......however many goddamn well times I please.


#FediverseMetrics #MastodonPolls
To all #Mastodon / #Fediverse users:

On which continent are you?
Sur quel continent êtes-vous ?
Auf welchem Kontinent sind Sie?
¿En qué continente estás?
Em que continente você está?
في أي قارة أنت؟
На каком вы континенте?
In quale continente ti trovi?
Na jakim jesteś kontynencie?
आप किस महाद्वीप पर हैं?
Je! Uko bara gani?
در کدام قاره هستید؟
어느 대륙에 있습니까?
Sur kiu kontinento vi estas?

I'm wearing the wrong pants for this....

I have thoroughly unimpressed someone with my mostly passive nature.

being online is okay and I endorse it

should i get and play ?

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