It's amazing how much money time and human power we put into music. When it is... from a survival standpoint... not that important? and i mean... i... as a human... find music to be vital to my existence... but like. if evolution happened a thousand times on a thousand different planets i can't be sure that music would happen every time, like "eating" or "reproducing" did as a function. but here we are, silly little apes, developing some of the highest levels of technology, just to get music.

@tyr I guess I always assumed it came about as a result of finding attractive mates? Similar to birdsong.

It probably follows that alien species that can have positive responses to sound waves would have their own version of music.

@Folcon i agree because, there are lots of ways that animals have found to find attractive mates that don't even involve sound. so it also stands to reason that music could NOT evolve in another intelligent species.

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