Yeah, I did install on all my family devices and it has been the best messaging platform I’ve used. I’ve got my own server that uses barely any resources (people run XMPP servers on Raspberry Pies) and we all use E2E encryption with verified devices.

I’m using IRC gateways that act as a bouncer and I run a couple of bots for common tasks (text translation, weather info and some technical debugging).

When adds support for A/V calling I’ll be able to uninstall Google Duo and have one less proprietary app on my phone.

If you’ve got iOS friends “it’s complicated” as there are no high-quality XMPP clients on iOS yet (I’ve heard good opinions on Monal 4.3 that’s in beta and used Siskin that’s okayish).

@tyr There are. Mostly a niche of geeks that forced it on their social environment, though. No real "traction" with "normies" AFAIK.
But at least for the social environment I forced it on, it's "kinda" working out. I get tons of complaints about lack of a decent web experience and of course iOS is not really supported.

@stevenroose @tyr

> I get tons of complaints about lack of a decent web experience

What's wrong with Movim and Converse.js (cc @jcbrand)? True question, I'm wondering what would be missing to have a so called "decent" web experience.

#xmpp #movim #converse.js

@Goffi @tyr @jcbrand We use OMEMO for all our chats. Last I knew, Movim didn't do OMEMO and Converse also has quite some issues. Also for normies, Converse is not a very familiar UI. They expect more a Dino-like structure with conversations ordered antichronologically.

@stevenroose @tyr @jcbrand Movim is not "decent" just because it lacks OMEMO? Really? It's really hard to make proper e2ee specially on the web, unless you can be sure that original code is executed unmodified and that everybody checks authenticity. Furthermore Movim architecture makes OMEMO implementation hard, so it's understandable that it's not a priority.

About Converse UI, I guess @jcbrand can provide feedback (that's why I've pinged him).

#xmpp #movim #omemo #converse

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