Hey peeps.

does anyone have anything they give out in meatspace for their instance? thinking like business cards or postcards. what do you say for the person who isn't familiar with the ideas at all?

@qdot @tyr I can't see what this is in reply to... is it the post about meatspace instance stuff?

@qdot @tyr I do not have anything that I give out in meatspace. If I want people to understand what Friend Camp is like, I pull out my phone and show it to them. Otherwise it remains a cypher (which is fine, we are a closed instance and not looking for people to join)

@darius @tyr Ah ok. I wasn't sure how much outreach you were doing on fediverse stuff.

@qdot @tyr I do lots of outreach but it's in the form of blog posts and talks at local meetups and things like that.

@qdot @tyr I mean I suppose I wrote precisely to give people a sense of what a nice fediverse instance can be like -- I often just point people there if they want to know more!

@darius @tyr Ok THAT'S what I was thinking of. I was beginning to question my memory. Thanks. :D


“It’s like Twitter except it’s run by your weird friend down the road instead of a bunch of Silicon Valley techbros hungry for ad impressions.”

I’ve thought about stickers but never got around to making any.

A buddy of mine just mentioned that #mastodon needs marketing material and was going to work on it. Get at it @bitmvr.

As an admin, I'm not so interested in building a larger community on my instance as I am in interfacing with others. I try to keep my perspective in line with Mastodon being like email, we don't need to be with the same provider.

But I think we could use some work here. Not many know it is a viable alternative to commercial social networks.

@Clifford @bitmvr yeah even a general card about Mastodon pointing to

I'm glad to hear other people make the email comparison.

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