How does one go about setting up a relay?

Also thank you, that's pretty excellent!

@mare I use this software:

it's the most basic of relays, but it supports a blacklist, which is the important part 😬

@tyr I'm curious how this is done/what other relays there are!

@Casuallynoted which part? for the software i just run this:

i check the list every day and when a new server joins i audit the public timeline and the admin account to check for nazis.

@tyr Woaaaaah. That's amazing. I've added the relay, it's awesome that you're able to do this :D

@Casuallynoted oh you always have to include the /inbox in the URL or it gets confused.

@tyr Glad to be here X3 Let me add ya on Matrix too!

@tyr Just wanted to say hello, and thanks for running a relay! Its also the only one I found with a posted moderation policy, which is nice.

We're a new instance, I'm new at administrating mastodon, we've got fedi newbies, feel free to stop by :blobcatfingerguns:

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