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It should be illegal to automatically, every few minutes, overwrite /etc/resolv.conf without putting in a comment about *what software overwrote it*

What is it called when your group of friends has their own website, email, phone network, sales reps and software engineering team?

now that i'm drinking less, i'm bored more...

I was today years old when i realized that i don't live in a bedroom... i live in an office with an annoying bed in the middle of it.

I had a dream that i was the White House IT guy and convinced them to implement ActivityPub on the White House website. wow i'm a

not sure what version to give your tag? your versioning scheme is probably stupid.

if you search the custom emoji list for β€œpepe” you can find a bunch of cool instances to block

better eat now so i can stare into a camera for an hour while my bosses creepily stares at me while i say nothing.

When will my friends return from the OWOr.

The real treason is the friends we made along the way.


so sad the limp dick racists were too afraid of the US Military to show up.

a lot of people seem to have invented fediblock....

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