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I love watching LGR videos while building PCs because, It's not as fun as it used to be.

i... just needed some relay activity...

Happy Saturday! Did you remember to sell your turnips? Tomorrow *is* Sunday, after all. :)

Fuuuuck working out. *Sweats profusely*


yes i just named a server 'uwu' fite me.


Ugh... keeps farting craptons of statuses at me and even though they're suspended it's still clogging up my sidekiq queues. *huffs*

Uh oh. They need a different kind of smart...

oh S3... why are you so inconsistently implemented...

anyone have recommendations for star trek novels?

Anybody want a 45" Sony Bravia (KDL-46XBR4)? Maybe selling it....maybe just giving it away. Was too big for me.

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