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While I have eaten at many restaurants in San Francisco, I have not seen Rice-A-Roni on the menu even once. "The San Francisco treat?" I think not.

Can't sleep, cats will eat me.
Can't sleep, cats will eat me.
Can't sleep, cats will eat me.

Give me an example of why zero-knowledge encryption, where the service can’t read your messages, is important for human rights and freedom.

tech kink gear 

@alice_meows has made an incredible advancement in the field of wearable kink technology

I want to believe*

that computers don't suck

So it's cat day, neuro day, and vore day. That sounds like I party I'd attend.

It's funny watching people fein stupidity in a last stich effort to get out.

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Waiting for Jury Duty outside the court room... weeeee


At the verse party the top is only allowed to stroke in the corner.

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