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FediBlock just sent a bunch of spam follow requests from accounts with next to no information on them

looks like a combination of data mining and cryptocurrency


tfw, your ex is awesome and you're sad.

i just got tickets to see Dorian Electra in Feb

That was a fantasy a long time coming...

Are you really bootlegging a concert if you aren't using ๐Ÿค”

bikeshedding on a restlike api for turning a lightbulb on and off

PUT: i should PUT a json block like {"state":true} to the device url /device/1

GET: i should GET a sub path like /device/1/turnon

should i leave the house?

Just realized that "at" is possibly the most heterosexual preposition one can use in the phrase "Come ___ me, bro!"

"Come in me, bro!"
"Come to me, bro!"
"Come on me, bro!"
"Come under me, bro!"
"Come for me, bro!"
"Come with me, bro!"
"Come atop me, bro!"
"Come over me, bro!"

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