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not me posting furry pics to my work slack again... Gotta say, image game for this meme has been on point tho

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I'm declaring the chess buttplug meme an ongoing pandemic at this point, which I will name Eternal September.

(and please do not put this in your butt, it does not have a flared base)

(also also hi! Long time no talk. :D )

pessimism, the world 

gee, i can't wait to die of radiation poisoning.

hmmm, i found 4 bitcoin wallets in my backups. i used to play with it when it was like 8 dollars a coin, wonder if theres anything in there (or if i can remember the password)

Me Friend: they should just go ahead and cast Laverne Cox as Snow White so all their heads can just explode and we can be done with it


It's probably because I've got a big LESBIAN CRUSH ON YOU

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