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Hi! I've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty.

sui mention 

sometimes i wonder if the people who constantly make jokes about killing themselves know how it effects people in their lives who have tried in the past.

Serious question... How long after your friend dies do you un-star them on scruff....

welp, after 10 years, (please don't judge me) it's time to see a dentist...

I think some sharkcoochie will help. Time to buy some fancy cheese.


oof, the depression is strong this week. i must resist the gravity waves of my bed telling me to sleep all day.

Canโ€™t WAIT till Iโ€™m vaccinated and I can see my family and friends

it is PROFOUNDLY difficult to find an LGBTQIA+ playing on the LGBTQIA+ tag on twich.....

IMPORTANT QUESTION: Do baristas call their masks "coughy filters"?

Things I've learned from being nice to wait staff:

Free drinks!

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