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i don't understand how these covidiots don't understand that the US is failing. We have the highest rates of any other country. and yet we continue to do everything we can to spread it.

Even basic stuff like getting groceries every 2 weeks is so stressful these days. Masks are theoretically mandatory, but I see maybe half of customers maskless or wearing them around their chin (!?) and I feel like screaming "we are five months into a pandemic, what part of cover your nose and mouth is so fucking hard to understand?"

It really bugs me that I've developed this sense of hostility towards my neighbors in shops. I know it's displaced anxiety about the world at large, but it sucks!

no i don't write tests for my hobby projects

sorry, not sorry.

I'm really enjoying the discussions sparked by the question "do fuck machines work on men?".

the cognitive dissonance of this moment is... well it just is....

today is not the day i understand asyncio

i found this gif, and i just need to share it with you.

it occurs to me if my bluetooth buttplug is on,. but not connected to anything, literally anyone in range could connect and buzz it...

i wonder how many AI platforms are just I with a curtain.

Today we learned. When the tests fail. Don't run without tests.

Waiting 20 minutes in the drug store for my prescription feels like gambling with my life.

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