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Welp. My gym journey starts now... Why am I already sweating. I haven't done anything yet..

God damn high schoolers are fucking annoying.

*flops about lethargically* can I go home now?

They didn't stop the train after that. Or mine.

I just watched Bart police stop a train. Walk up to a black guy and ask for his ticket. Which he had.

What's a good name for an Email server?

Cuz were awesome!

Furries save woman from assault outside San Jose furry convention - VIDEO |

Even though my home internet is slow. It has gone down once since I've gotten it. Compared to Comcast that's basically fifty nines of service.


BUT WHYYYY..... (401) Verification failed for

HTTP Signatures and I are not getting along this week....

is "executes but doesn't work" a valid git comment?

marijuana mention 

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