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Time to leave the magic 😭😭

I was today years old when i hardcoded memes into my code.

bought a rust book. lets crack this bitch open.

Those moments you realize you're uninteresting

do you ever think about how we've all just gotten used to the fact that all our clocks are within milliseconds of eachother's?

i just want to listen to Eurovision songs and code.... why must i go to this meeting!

do the waiting for integration test hustle. do do do do do do do do do do do do do do d.... FAILURE ....

i really just spent 300 dollars to build a prototype of a sound mixer

i need to stop buying makeship plushies...

i'm a good programer, but i'm not a good enough programer to prevent a memory leak in bluetooth on an Arduino.... will you judge me if i use a raspi?

That sweet science juice is in me again.

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