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As a sometimes chaser of a certain type of guy, I struggle with knowing if there is a way to be respectful and be an ally while still being very much sexually attracted to members of that community.

Imagine your backup software encounters an unreadable file (permissions, I/O problem, whatever) during the backup process.

What should be the default behavior?

As a people watcher I am digging all this outdoor dining.

so it's 2020, i'm on mushrooms in the middle of a pandemic wondering if it's ethical to summon Twinkies from the internet

i shuffled my music library this morning and it's been in a very political mood

i am the angriest i've been since starting meds

I am going to account for a significant portion of FedEx's web traffic today.

Aliens could abduct me right now and i wouldn't even bat an eye...

I got a new tiny keyboard for my new giant phone. It's a Keychron K6.

I was in the sun for a fucking hour, how am i sunburned...

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