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Did i get laid? No

Did an incredibly sexy man give me his number? Yes.

Is that better than getting laid... Honestly... Kinda. :3

I'm rewatching a music to remember which songs on the soundtrack aren't in the musical so i can fit it onto a minidisc.

ok, i'm officially looking for a new job. we're doing away with staging. so we just have dev, and prod, no testing.

i mean. I like kink, probably not as much as the next guy. But gods it makes me uncomfortable to hear someone offering paid medical services as kink, especially if you aren't licensed for that kind of medicine.

in that place again, wondering how much further to go.


welp, i'm stuck with 20 furbies. time for a new project.

Today I Learned... there was a digital cassette

i bought 1 minidisc, just as a treat. no i don't have a player yet.

wow. they made a secret chat i'm not invited to.

my friend group has one rule. i broke it tonight. i probably won't have any friends by the morning.

I'm starting to feel like the managers and architects at my company don't want a dev-ops engineer anymore.

omg @jump_spider i fucking love reboot. it was my fav show as a kid.

i just want a cute guy with a nice beard and tight pussy. why is that so difficult...

Doctor: On a scale of 1 to 10 how much pain are you in?

Me: what number is high enough for you to do something but low enough to not be accused of faking it or blaming it on my weight?

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