Plans are being made. All 3 books are coming out for this 4th one. Have to plan a level one to level Tomb of Horrors. And it's gonna be so much fun! 3 new players to DnD in this group and the guy I needed out with at the Side Quests LA tent said that the Yawning Portal book would be a super fun way to intro them. Can't wait!!!!

How to dick pick rig a microphone 

When you hang something in rigging, we call them pick points. Here is a dick pick.

Everyone: "check out my new leather harness for going out with!"

Me: "look at my new harness that stops me from dying while working at height!" :D

Me coming out of the depressive funk I've been in by restarting things like cleaning, groceries, working out and NOT ordering take out 3 meals a day.

Welp back to my original schedule. Busy on the weekends, free during the week.....kinda....but not really. And that's ok.

Don't bother me. I'm mixing. Unless you're @tyr taking a photo whilst recording via

Riggers doing rigger things. Naturally I couldn't photograph myself up there cause you don't take phones to height

I made a thing today and am now a level 2 LTW (Leatherworker). I used some old chaps that I got into an accident with and were torn apart already. So I shredded them, used specific part in specific places for the waist band, and made a loincloth

Current mood:
🎵🎵Let 'em play their songs
Let 'em say what's right and wrong
Let 'em do their thing
'Cause it'll never be you and me
We got our own style
We got a way of living life
If they can't get down
Well, we don't need them around🎵🎵

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