TL;DR Don't say that you're going to respect someone and then completely disregard it (multiple times)

I present to you, my parking spot. Currently my motorcycles are parked across from my actual spot. This is for street cleaning, tomorrow morning. Normally they are in that spot right between the two garage doors. They fit quite nicely there - I've even managed to make sure that I never block access to the doors at all.

However, the door on the right belongs to a restaurant. These guys have apparently been shitting on this neighborhood's alley for years and I'm only just learning. you notice anything odd about the pic? Go ahead and look again...

That box that is currently sitting on their awning is full of trash. When I got home from work, it was sitting in my parking spot with that weird rock placed in front of it.


Now, I had to move my bikes anyways, since--street cleaning. But as an experiment I put the box DIRECTLY in front of the restaurant's door, and put the rock in the tree's sand. I leave to go do an errand and I return the the box AND rock in the EXACT same place as when I had left. Immediately I knew the restaurant had put them there to discourage me from parking there tomorrow.

Well guess what y'all? Not only is your address STILL ON THE BOX, but you've proved to me that it is you moving it there. Literally trash in parking spots. And you've done it twice, despite my having gone to them weeks before and negotiating how I would use the spot and not impede their door. But they constantly illegally stack cars at the end of the alley, boxing me in, and block access to the residential garage on the left in the pic.

So now I'm done being nice. And no you haven't discouraged me from parking there. It's fucking ON. Have fun getting your trash down from your awning. It's been windy, I'm sure the wind pushed it up there. And bet your ass I'm waking up early in order to move BOTH my bikes back in their spots before you return for work in the morning.

Don't fuck with me.

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