Youtube is running LGBTQ+ banners on their homepage but also appears to have taken down the entire San Francisco Leathermen's Discussion Group archive, which was chock-full of recorded educational and historical presentations. These recordings on the Leather Contingent in SF Pride were available just last week; now gone. :-(


@aphyr what the hell?!?!?! I know the person who runs this. I wonder why? Maybe they've moved it?

@thatkrazypup21 Can you ask em? If not I can get in touch with Goldfarb...

@aphyr I'm actually tempted to help them set up their own PeerTube site.

@thatkrazypup21 @aphyr im really in support of this. even if its just a backup.
our comunity need to stop relying on things like google to archive our history

@aphyr the proper people have been notified. They are ALL shocked and seem to have learned from us this happened. There was no warning. No email saying "hey" or anything. Just a full on overnight shutdown of it

@aphyr it's pure utter bullshit. They said it was for sexual vontent/nudity when they've been SUPER careful about both. I'm sure you know

@thatkrazypup21 I was present at SO MANY of those sessions and yes! They're always careful to stop streaming before doing anything that could be construed as too risque!

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