Gave myself a haircut, because fuck paying $70 for someone to not do it right

The way my bf sits in the bathroom jerking off for an hour while the shower runs is really fucking annoying

BRB, making a crypto called MUSKARD, the coin is called MUSKARD Coin, and to transfer it you must burn MUSKARD Gas.

New setup porn, there’s probably nothing sensitive in the editor there 😅

A pop/punk band who solely does songs about fisting called Panic at the Crisco!

New job is going great! I was told by two people today that they really enjoy working with me 😊

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tip for ya'll. when you're doing a of just block as mastodon will also block all of it's subdomains.


Update: I GOT THE JOB!

They emailed me 11 minutes after the interview with a "Well that was fast. We'd love to make you an offer"!!!!

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First interview since my anti-depressants have leveled me out. Fingers crossed!

My bf has 2 laptops with their fans going 100% all day and it’s driving me fucking crazy. But if I mention it, he’ll get pissy

I’ve lost almost 40 pounds since April. Just wanted to share ☺️

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Update -- It's repeatable. I guess they create this name based on a hash of the value or something, lmao

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gay slurs 

I think my styled-component is homophobic

This is awesome. New Crispr based HIV treatment cleared for human tests. In the lab, it successfully eradicated HIV from the DNA of mice

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