Day one on Adderall: It’s 10mg. I’m certainly more present and I feel like I’m getting “distracted” by what I initially intended to do rather than trailing off on tangents.

That could be my imagination though. It’s all very subtle.

I finally got an actual ADHD diagnosis and Adderall prescription

To the Edge really hits different when you learn the writer was sitting in a hospital bed dealing with cancer when he wrote it.

I interpret it as the singer rallying themselves from the edge (hurhur) of hopelessness.

I think psychedelics maybe arnt for me at the moment. They highlight my anxieties.

The last 3 days of work im meeting the manager that replaced my co worker... he doesnt know IT well enough to do the job

Devola and Popola's story and history of their model got me fucked up

NieR is about having nihilist/existential crises in lingerie.

Sometimes I wonder how many people literally pretend they dont like or even hate things because they are emotional/literal hostages to the authorities in their lives.

I figured I'm messing with my lively hood so I should just straight up call and ask: "is this job contingent on anything?"

Surprisingly, they said they know what I'm asking and the answer is no. No other hoops to jump through.

If they are giving you a job offer with your salary and what not means they arnt going to drug test you right?

I got a job offer, they laid out payment and start date. They have not yet asked me to do any drug testing.

The dilemma is if I accept and put in my two week notice, its too early for me to test negative (420) and I will have killed my source of income.

I've submitted voice acting samples to a pervy adult game. Mostly grunts and moans.

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