I've submitted voice acting samples to a pervy adult game. Mostly grunts and moans.

Yeah I've got an NFT:
:hacker_n: o
:hacker_f: ucking
:hacker_t: ime for this shit

I tried mentally handling aggressive drivers by imaging what kind of dick has to be waiting for me to drive like that and now im "shit bitch, me too"

I'd like this headache+sleepy+mood to end so the hours don't feel like a blurry ADHD mess pls

BetterHelp attempt #2:

Me: I have xyz issues and have evidence of them and probably the moments in my life that contributed. I fit these descriptions of mental problems.

Therapist: Why are you telling me this? Why are you here?

Pondering on my mental health stagnation I'm wondering if the spaces I occupy are a factor. Like, I have never really made a space "mine", its all just warehousing for the shit I accumulate. Tools and books.

Its hard to "decorate".

Everything is always happening all the time. I dont think theres a good way to actually sort this information so it comes to us as an endless stream of data. I kinda want a kanban board with the cliffnotes of what the fuck happened, its current status, and THEN commentary.

Anyone else see the after the bulk of the day (past 6PM) has an ending/intermission theme?

Like the "day" is over and you're transitioning to your personal projects/goals/plans?


I wonder if our phone’s predictive text data can be used to scry the topography of our minds.

Get’n real tired of people being stuck in the idea that fitness is exclusively about becoming pretty for a general audience.

I think I’m at a point with coffee where it Just elevates my heart rate instead of making me feel more active.

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