Earlier: “I don’t want to do that thing, it’s not fun”
Now: “hey I heard you were feeling down and I thought I can do that thing you like (but I don’t and actively turned you down on)”

I don’t know how to feel about this. I will be aware the entire time that you DONT actually want to be doing the things and are only doing it to cheer me up. I think it’s because I believe they’ll leave as soon as they see me back to normal.

I’m feeling like my inability to get excited about or interested in anything is an early sign of declining mental health.


"Do not run from the right-wing charge that you are giving people free stuff in order to gain their votes: actually, just give them stuff. People need stuff. They need it now; they needed it yesterday; they needed it ten years ago. It is not nefarious to make people’s lives better in the hope that they will keep you in power so that you can continue to make their lives better"

YEP. That's the shit. :blobchef: 👍



It's not censorship... Think of it this way... Amazon is a cake shop and Parlor is gay wedding cakes.

@aphyr your rear window should say:


I need something I can pour my time and attention into like I do video games.

Yes they are designed to be “fun” but people pour themselves into so many things that arnt “games”.

During the climate crisis, I wonder if there will be some underground market for live soil samples and viable soil samples to create more live soil samples.

My magic power is setting things down and immediately lose them.

I thought the pandemic would get me the time to do things (all of which is preferably done at home) but I still feel overwhelmed with what I COULD be doing to the point of just plain not doing anything.

I’m still upset about not being able to touch Varric bussy

I think I see myself as separate entities controlling a meat suit:

The EVA itself, including chemical/hormonal signals that I physically experience and physically react to.

My mind, thoughts and internal machinations of my neurological structures that forms presentable and coherent ideas

And me, the pilot and interpreter of the two.

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