I tried that gym brotank thing and it turned out ok I think.

I’d like it to not flash my nipples though.

Sometimes I’ll finger brush clumps of loose hair out of my hair and ball it to see if I can do a tarot/prophesy/reading thing. Looking for shapes, faces, symbols, etc.

I’ve noticed that it now features cat hair.

The proper response to "a/s/l?" is always "18/f/japan UwU"

the owo face has forward facing eyes, indicating it is a predator species

Sipping coffee and eating tropical sour patch kids is like chewing on fragrant flowers.

Like the smell of sweetness is there but the coffee momomcs the taste of bitter tannins.

WFH means I can potentially be TOO high on the job. Which has happened. Thankfully I'm just the IT helper version of Kermit the Frog.

Do I want coffee because I enjoy it or do I want coffee because I'm regaining my addition to it?

Is there a difference?

Since the ronas I’ve noticed I go through cycles of eating a lot and eating mostly nothing.

Today I’ve eaten effectively nothing and feel meh at the thought of food. It’s weird. Food use to be a bigger deal for my day to day life.

hypno, covid19 

i wonder how warpmymind is handling the pandemic... didn't get an email from them or anythi

I wonder if "going out", as we know it, will end with gen z and millennials.

At the time of this toot, everyone reading this lived in a culture in which we went outside visit places with friends for recreational or personal things and that other people being there is part of the scenery.

Will a densely packed restaurant be foreign? Visiting a bar with friends sound weird? Will our reasons for "going out" change?

Despite everything, I honestly feel like my life has only improved because of the pandemic.

Dry cough, vague body ache/weakness, shortness(ish) of breath. Is it because:

a) COVID-19
b) allergies
c) weed/drugs
d) a normal flu
e) not a flu but something else with those flu like-symptoms
f) you inhaled some spit/water

Who the fuck knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Trans folks, how does drag make you feel?

If you aren't trans, maybe give us a boost? :)

#poll #trans #gender #transgender

I'm considering getting Apple's Pro . They seem to have a lot of nice features but I have trouble justifying getting them. I already have wireless $20 in ear headphones that I primarily use for gym.

My biggest gripes with my current ones are:
- the lifetime of ear pieces is that they only last like 2 hours before dying.
- Phone calls on them suck
- When I run, I can hear them "bounce" in my ears
- My hair is black and my skin is brown, people cant tell I cant hear them

Dandelion's Gym Routine Tips! 

i've struggled a LOT with the idea of regular exercise. i kinda hated working out as a teen and only really came around a couple years ago! here's a little thread that might help some of y'all set up a routine and actually enjoy your time at the gym!

note that these tips may not work for everyone -- every situation is different, and people deal with things in different ways. this is just works for me!


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