FFXIV Endwalkers spoilers 

Still thinking about how when we defeated Hydaelyn they played “Flow” which I think in this context means “congratulations, you’ve made it this far! I’m so proud of you! You don’t need me anymore, my job here is done, goodbye forever”


YouTube is even worse because it’s some 40-50something fuck that speaks with the cadence of a smoothbrained Dr Oz enjoyer and their entire channel is devoted to “BIG PHRAMA DOESNT WANT U2NO 🤯”

I ended up with some sort of colitis this week and it’s on its tail end (I think) so I’m feeling a little more cavalier about my food choices.

What bugs me is that there’s almost no consistent literature on it. It’s all for some stage of ulcerative colitis and flip flops a lot on things like dairy and fruit.

Yogurt bad, yogurt good, banana bad, banana good, herbal tea bad, herbal tea good, fats bad, fats good.


First few days of colitis just turns your butt into a cloaca

It’s a uniquely gay experience to be looking at a fitness blogger you think is also hot and then they post some video about their baby doing candid pull up and you close your thirst trap account

FFXIV music spoilers 

The Vanaspati theme, “As the Sky Burns”, really sold the stress of the dungeon/story.


One day I’ll have irl friends who have the energy to do active things with me 🥲

🎼Stories sown along the way🎵
🎵Tales of loss and fire and faith🎶

Sometimes it’s hard to make the case that I’m NOT actually a fancy stack of IFTTTs responding to the world around it, especially to myself

I haven’t slept well in like 2 weeks and I’m at the point where stimulants (like caffeine and ADHD meds) just give me a headache and make me nauseous 🙃

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