I wish dieting wasnt so boring. My constant state of existing now includes a longing for cheesy garlic bread.

Thought I'd participate in this meme. I think its important to note that no one is realistically going to be an exact value on here and that displaying a range is more accurate.

Advanced technique: MtG booster packs for divination and spell regents.

Its strange to know that myself, Eddie Hall, and Hafthor Bjornsson are all about the same age.

Looking back at my childhood, I think I had normal aspirations for your generic boy (sports, martial arts, sharp things, fire™, etc) but the gay made that a little complicated because I also felt tightpantstime while simultaneously wanting to emulate them.

Lung infections are basically virulent algae/moss that really like to propagate in your mucus.

Hey US men under 35. The CDC says get vaccinated for HPV. That means you too gay dudes, protect your brothers with cervices.

Sometimes I wonder about what all companies are doing for their part in climate action. I dont think its possible to tell if they are just slow to catch on or are following the generally safe/best practice of not announcing anything until its finished.

That moment when you discover your co-workers and management wont take you seriously because you opened up about your past traumas and how they still affect you today

I've been described as "Ganondorf, but with Anxiety"

When you have the "motivating" self talk about how negative thoughts are unhelpful, unproductive, and useless.

I feel like I can barely function today. Cant keep a cohesive train of thought. WTF is going on with me?

Lately I cant get an acoustic guitar version of the Song of Healing out of my head.

Trying to find a good martial arts school. I REALLY REALLY wanna learn Krav Maga but it tends to attract a violent crowd. I'm settling for anything you'd see in MMA.

The image I need their sites to put forth is showing diverse clientele and staff. Showing women and people of color having rank.

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