"One of the core tenants of Pride is that it is a protest against cultural hegemonies and a celebration of alternative sexualities. That's why it's called “Pride”. And though Pride has undergone quite a few evolutions – including becoming a kind of corporate smorgasbord of vague platitudes and ideas such as “love is love” – the kink communities still show up, year upon year. "

The Best Kink Looks at London Pride 2022

I wonder if the lack of a “village” of people we evolved to be around has caused us to seek out a sense of community and thus search for or create safe spaces and echo chambers.

I just want to be an ethereal nightmare entity of dominion and tyranny that makes terrible things happen to terrible people until they act right is that so much to ask for? Yes apparently

I think Magic: The Gathering should be taught in schools for at least a year. It requires the player to have strong reading comprehension, basic math, and the ability to plan ahead.

I’m pretty sure I lower the age median of this voting location by 20 years.

Every day, it seems, I align further with the Flame of Frenzy

I wonder how much money I can save by making an air conditioned sleep chamber. Like the size of a tanning bed but it’s just heavily climate controlled.

I keep fantasizing about some upheaval in the direction the world is going “I wish everyone would just stop. Be nice and share jfc”. But it’s impossible.

Not as a detriment but acknowledgement that the road to recovery will hurt as much as the descent.

Its weird to think that the entire mentality that brought us here is similar to fandoms shitting on each other for incorrect interpretations of their favorite cartoon arcs

In Elden Ring, you find an entombed caravan of people that were sealed and left to die a slow lonely sad death.

One of them is still alive and playing an instrument. Many if the bodies had instruments. Did they all play together at once and he’s the last bird in the flock?

Watching the original He-Man and it’s as awkwardly animated as it is entertaining. Though I feel the only correct way to watch it is on Saturday morning w/ carb breakfast and weed.

Does anyone get career ads in social media accounts? I use them for different things. Twitter really really wants me to be a dev of some sort and Instagram is convinced I want to be a fitness coach or biologist.

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