With the return to campus potentially happening, I have a new "I wanna buy it" temptation, so please convince me not to:
I wanna get a one wheel or electric skateboard...

Just got stimulated! Bought some new tech toys, but most importantly, I am officially at $0 credit card debt! (Loans, I'm coming for you next!)

Sex Party/Vax 

Personally, this feels gross and elitist...

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Sex Party/Vax 

One of the sex parties I used to attend in NYC just announced they are returning to parties starting April:

"...the parties are only for those who are fully vaccinated. You must bring the cardboard vaccination card you received with the CDC logo in the upper-right hand corner (or foreign equivalent), along with matching photo ID. If you're ill with anything, stay home. Temp checks will be performed at the door. Masks are allowed, but not required."

I'm curious to y'all's thoughts.

Vaccine shots scheduled. *sigh of relief*

WOOHOO! New Smart TV for my Tax Refund.... and the screen is busted out of the box... guess I'm going back to Best Buy tomorrow

On March 1st, educators are now eligible for the vaccine...

"Due to limited supplies of the vaccine, University Health Services (UHS) will not be able to immediately offer the vaccine to campus members who would newly qualify. "

Fucking dammit

Self Promo, Kink 

Loving this team! The Titans Executive Board is hard at work on our plans for this year! Wanna see what we have coming up? Check out titansofthemidwest.org!

Officially taking every Friday off from now until July 1.

The vacation I carried over is use-it-or-lose-it, and I have to additionally take 4 days of furlough.

So if I were to take every Friday off, as well as my birthday (April 20) off, I would carry over to next fiscal year a total of... 17 days...

This is on top of the 4.5 days of personal days, 2 floating holidays, and 22 days of vacation I'll get for the new fiscal year...

I think a long vacation is in store once COVID passes.

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What is it called when your group of friends has their own website, email, phone network, sales reps and software engineering team?

Huh, it's been a while since I've been in back-to-back-to-back-to-back meetings for 7hrs. FUCK.

It's a beautiful disaster, like a dumpster fire behind an Ulta.


If you are putting in energy against the proposed min wage increase to $15/hr because "it's to close to what I make" or "I have *actual skill* being put to use", then maybe you should be redirecting that energy to fight for higher wages for YOUR job rather than devaluing others.

No joke just won $500 from Honey. WHAT?!?

And with that, I am officially on winter break until the New Year!

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