@tyr made a bot to hang out in voice chat with us and pretend to be a hive member and I'm dying. He fits right in with us. His name is Russell.

Ordered my first tarot deck the other day, and some jock knitting patterns. :gunter_dance:

Feeling like a witchy boi today. Paintined 5 of my nails black and then painted some runes on them.

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It's not censorship... Think of it this way... Amazon is a cake shop and Parlor is gay wedding cakes.

@tyr got me a tablet to do digital art with for xmas, and now time to relearn how to use art programs on a new format. 💚

I got to open a present today from one of my favorite people. He sent me a coffee grinder and some whole bean coffee from a place he really likes.💚

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A good buddy of mine is getting their top surgery! Would mean the world to them if you could help! :boosts_ok_gay: gofundme.com/f/wscx57-ash039s-

Having someone tell you that, in this year of way too much, you take 0 spoons is honestly such a great compliment. Strive to be mindful of what others need from you.

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Slowly dragging people into @pettingzoo.co because we need a timeline that is full of cats and memes.

So, my birthday stream will be on October 25th from ~2pm pacific until an undetermined end-time. The stream will end with a giveaway for my followers. I hope to see you there. <3

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UWU. the wockets are giving the skie the spwodie-wodies. Yay fweedom boomies.

Drew one if my favorite adult stars as a banana man. His name is Marshall Arkley if anyone wants to take a look at the real, less potassium-rich version.

"Blah blah Mastodon blah blah." ~ @tyr when trying to plug his server while drunk

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